Thinking like a Neo-Con: Obama the poor protector

July 26, 2009, Payvand Iran News
By: Christopher Feld

President Obama has upset deeply rooted neo-conservative ideals of gender and power… (read more)

Obama shrewdly deprives Iran of usual scapegoat: ‘Great Satan’

July 5, 2009, Deseret News
By: Christopher Feld

The revolutionary underpinnings of the Islamic Republic are unraveling… (read more)

Letter for Peace to President Obama

February 12, 2009, Washington Post
By: Omid for Iran

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Americans discovered friends in unlikely places, none more unlikely than Tehran, Iran… (read more)

Reconsidering the case for an Iran war

September 11, 2008, American Chronicle
By: Christopher Feld

An attack against Iran will produce many devastating unintended consequences for the U.S… (read more)

Executions Increasing in Iran

July 29, 2008, OpEd News
By: Christopher Feld

On Sunday, 29 people were hanged while 9 others await execution by stoning… (read more)


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